This intense training course is designed not only for the already qualified lash tech who wants to upskill and offer some new lash maps and edge to their service menu, but also those who have never picked up a lash in their life and are after a new career path.

Learn by an accredited trainer all the tools you need to start up and continually grow a successful lash business. Our course covers the following & more:

  • Hygiene practises

  • OH & S

  • Russian Volume techniques (2d-10d)

  • How to design custom lash maps like The Kim K Wispy & The Pyramid Lash Map (exclusive to Luxette Lashes)

  • Refills

  • Lash tints

  • Removals

  • Infection & Contraindication control

  • Client aftercare & products

  • Consent forms

Manual & full kit provided (which you can make around $2000 from). You will not walk out of this course lacking any knowledge or products so you can start your own business with confidence!

Unlike other courses, we also offer ongoing training for the next 2 months so you can keep training and asking questions whilst receiving as much help as we possibly can to ensure you feel guided and supported on your journey to perfecting them fans! 

It truly isn’t an easy skill to pick up. We also have a student forum you can join so you can share your concerns with each other and your progress as we are our own worst critics at times, so it helps to see how our peers are doing.

So all you’ll need to bring on the day is yourself and determination!
If you’d like to learn more, simply fill in your details via the form below!

Lots of love,

Sarah Carter



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